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A&E - PAYE Errors Case Study


What Can You Do About PAYE Errors?

PAYE errors can be costly for businesses through fines from HMRC to recruitment costs for unhappy employees. We understand the impact this has on your business.

Key points:

PAYE error image - nurse looking after an elderly man smiling

What happened?

An employer came to us explaining that on a monthly basis their employees constantly had errors with their pay. One issue involved their clock cards not matching their payslips and the other issue was that on numerous occasions, their net wage entering their bank account differed to the one on their payslip. 

The solution

After discussions with the employer, they chose to come on board with Crossley Payroll. Within the first month of completing the payroll, we made the client aware of further technical issues that we had found and helped them by rectifying these. 

Our impact

Since coming on board, we have put a procedure in place that works for both the employer and Crossley Payroll with regard to communicating all things payroll related. All work is now being completed correctly and both the employees and employer are happy with the service that they receive from us.