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Outsourcing Payroll from Processing in House


Benefits of Outsourcing your Payroll from Processing in House

Trusting someone else with your payroll information and processing can be a daunting task, often clients come to us when they have reached a point where processing in house isn't financially viable and is causing too much stress.

Key points:

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What happened?

A client who had always processed their Payroll in-house contacted us as they had been having several problems due to lack of control internally and deadlines being missed in relation to their monthly Payroll causing complaints and uncertainties from staff.

They were worried about outsourcing their Payroll as this was not something which had ever been discussed before as an option and they did not want the current problems to continue or worsen, with the concern that Crossley would not understand their business enough to be able to complete the payroll successfully.

The solution

Crossley Payroll took time to understand the type of business and what they do, their payroll requirements and employment obligations. They discussed with the current problems taking place and informed the client of the procedures used, that are followed each month to ensure all aspects of the Payroll are completed correctly and effectively putting the clients mind at ease.

A planning schedule was created for Payroll based on dates that worked for both the client and Crossley Payroll, so that deadlines were never missed again and plenty of time was allowed for processing to reassure the client. Full communication was also agreed from a direct contact at Crossley Payroll regarding other elements of the Payroll process for completion.

The tools are created bespoke to the client and given to them as part of the setup of the service.

Our impact

The client is happy that they took the leap to outsource and pleased with the service that Crossley Payroll provide; they have built a trusted relationship and have now moved all accounting elements of the business over too.