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Long Distance Relationship Case Study


Building Long Distance Relationships With You

Finding the right provider for your Payroll can be difficult, and looking locally might not leave you with the right option for your business. With long distance and digital relationships growing, you can rely on our payroll service to give you peace of mind whatever the distance.

Key points:

Man and woman talking over video conference software on laptop

What happened?

Crossley Payroll approached the business as they were on a forum looking for Payroll services. Besides the distance, Crossley Payroll were confident that the relationship could be built and the service provided without a physical meeting.

Crossley Payroll contacted the client to discuss their requirements and were initially shut down due to the distance however, once the conversation was complete the client was reassured that the partnership could work.

An agreed solution

Digital meetings took place rather than travelling to either location, due to the removal of the possibility for a natural relationship or bond taking place as it would in person, it meant additional effort from Crossley Payroll to ensure the client was constantly able to get in touch and felt supported.

Communication was key and building trust was vital, but with the team members and the processes in place within Crossley Payroll, it ensured a smooth transition and reassurance for the client.

Since COVID-19, this way of working has become the norm, however there is proof that this has worked for many clients even when there were less video meeting softwares’ available.

Our impact

The client is very happy with the service that Crossley Payroll provide and have not regretted the decision to move forwards with us despite their initial concerns. We have a great ongoing relationship with the client who has since required additional Payroll Services for other businesses that they are involved with.

Making the change of payroll provider within a business is completely possible to do so with Crossley Payroll, wherever a client is based within the country.