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A&E - CIS Submissions Case Study


Are Your CIS Submissions Wrong?

The impact of improper reporting and incorrect CIS submissions for many businesses can cause detrimental results. The Crossley Payroll team are experienced with CIS submissions and understand the importance of what's required.

Key points:

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What happened?

A small limited company within the building industry came to Crossley Payroll and explained that they were suffering Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions and also withholding CIS. 

They were paying the amounts that they believed to be due to HM Revenue & Customs but were unsure if their current payroll provider was submitting the relevant submissions as they were unable to reclaim any credit at the end of the previous tax year that showed on their own records.

The solution

Crossley Payroll took over the processing of the payroll and whilst completing the payroll and CIS submissions on a monthly basis in accordance with the information provided, we were also working on the remedial work from the historical tax years with HMRC.

Our impact

After re-working the figures and amending previous submissions, the client received a refund of £16,824.34 in relation to CIS. Without visiting Crossley Payroll A&E, the work would not have been completed correctly and the client would not have been able to reclaim the credit that they were entitled to.