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A&E - Auto Enrolment Case Study


Concerned About Your Auto Enrolment?

Our fully qualified team understand how to navigate through the requirements of auto-enrolment.

Key points:

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What happened?

An employer came to us who were completing the payroll themselves explaining that they did not have an understanding of payroll and automatic enrolment legislation which is a common occurrence in small businesses. 

The Pensions Regulator were fining the client £500 per day due to no payments being made in relation to pension contributions for their employees. The fine was caused due to automatic enrolment not being, and having not been completed for over a year and a half and also prior to this, being completed incorrectly. 

An agreed solution

Crossley Payroll diagnosed the issue and the solution that was needed to fix it. This was set out to the client in a simple format including what needed to be completed and the time frame that this would take considering the urgency of the matter. 

The payroll was amended for each week that had been processed incorrectly, ensuring that all pension contributions were corrected and taking in to consideration the tax implications that this had created. The pension contribution schedules were then uploaded to the nominated pension provider followed by the correct payment being made for the updated schedules. 

Our impact

Throughout this process, continuous communication was maintained between the Pensions Regulator and Crossley Payroll in order to keep the client updated on our progress and also to minimise any further fines to the client. 

Unfortunately, the client had created a large hole that they were unable to get out of without professional help. With the expertise of Crossley Payroll, this was dealt with as stress free as possible for the client. They are now an ongoing client of Crossley Payroll.